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oh yea, so about showering….

I can imagine Osho might say something like…

showering everyday is not always right,
and NOT showering everyday is not always wrong.
what’s more important is awareness.

awareness of one’s present state
awareness of the energy in one’s energy field
awareness of the smell of one’s body
awareness of the effect of one’s body and energy field on others

I’d like to think there’s some method behind my madness. Some of my habits, I realize, are still behavior patterns that reflect other lifetimes. Things so engrained in my soul that they carry over. But I can not say I have not noticed a considerable amount of energy shifts, effected by all different kinds of habits of mine, from food, to routine, to meditation. The best you can do is observe your own habits, and when you notice something, take note, and try to incorporate these healthy systems into your routine, whenever needed. Also be keen to your environmental shifts as well, and how they effect you. I find Im able to intuit a lot more, as I just witness my energy in motion, I notice trends, I can feel what’s going to happen next because I see myself react, my energy shift to prepare for the adrenaline rush, or the big change. 

Higher levels of awareness require higher levels of energy. To program your brain to operate on a system, not so much energy. Some systems are healthy, because they help to increase your energy. Some of the more aesthetic religions practice just that, spiritual systems, or practices that help raise your energy levels. Like mantras, yoga, mudras, chanting, veganism and other restricted diets, celibacy, silence vows, and many more. 

who knows. maybe in time the universe will reveal to me something deep about showering. Im just feeling it all out in the meantime!

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